Shoreline Park in Burlingame

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for Our Community and the Environment

In late 2019, the California State Lands Commission approved a plan to transform an undeveloped nine-acre property along the Burlingame bayfront into a public nature park. The land is owned by the people of California and held in the public trust by the state.

This stretch of shoreline has the lowest percentage of open space and parks and the highest percentage of industrial and infrastructure land uses in the Bay Area. Only 1% of this shoreline is open space. This undeveloped property presents a unique opportunity to create a bayside nature park for everyone to enjoy, that will also include climate resilience features.

You can help make this vision a reality.

Communities thrive when they have access to nature. Nature parks in urban communities are tied to immediate, positive health outcomes for both people and wildlife.

Your support will help to:

Create a Rare Natural Area

Native bayfront habitat will benefit wildlife and control invasive plants by allowing native vegetation to thrive.

Provide Recreational Opportunities

A nature park on this property will bridge a gap in the Bay Trail and add a node to the Bay Water Trail.

Educate Visitors about Native Habitat

The park will include signage and opportunities to learn about tidal marsh and transition zone habitats.

Demonstrate Climate Resilience

The park will have built-in flood-control features that will demonstrate how a nature-based approach can guard effectively against sea level rise.

Advance Environmental Justice

Disadvantaged communities in the region currently have few natural areas that provide direct access to the Bay.

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