Shoreline Park in Burlingame is being developed by a public-private partnership between the San Mateo Resource Conservation District and the SPHERE Institute. This strategic collaboration embodies the belief that communities thrive when people have access to nature. Nature parks in urban communities are tied to immediate, positive health outcomes for both people and wildlife.

The SPHERE Institute is a not-for-profit public policy research firm situated adjacent to the land parcel where the park will be built. SPHERE is managing the development of Shoreline Park in Burlingame, including design, approvals and future construction, and has committed major financial resources to the effort to make the vision a reality. The park embodies SPHERE’s mission: to improve public health and well-being through direct investment in the local community.

The San Mateo RCD, a public, community-based entity that serves as a land steward for the people of San Mateo County, is helping to secure funding and oversee construction of the park.

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